Inspection and cleaning of ducts is done using robotic equipment, the robots are equipped with cameras at the front and rear for maximum view of the entire duct. On request, a photo or video editing can be handed over as a result of our work, Dust level tests or NADCA tests are performed to check the level of dust in ventilation systems .



The ducts are hidden away behind walls and ceilings, which can make them out of sight and out of mind, So we offer various specialized methods for inspecting components .

Ventilation systems


Filtration units




Regardless of the size of the ventilation ducts, our robotized equipment makes it possible to visualize the interior condition with a minimum of access. The Robotic inspection is a specialized robot dedicated to duct cleaning and inspection. It includes our articulated arm that can move in all directions allowing it to clean all corners of the duct without ever having to manually adjust the length of the brush, leaving a quality job behind it every time.

The Robotic inspection equipped with cameras for recording at the front and rear of the Robotic for maximum view of the entire duct. after recording the duct and take photos by using the Robotic inspection, we can efficiently perform residential, commercial and industrial jobs from start to finish with a single worker.

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