‘’ Clean Air ‘’ is a Japanese Technology ,It is a spatial Sanitizer & deodorizer,  to remove  99% of Viruses , Bacteria , fungus , some allergens and bad odours in airspace and reduce the risk of infection by using the power of Chlorine Dioxide Molecules and Nano Technology . 

Clean Air Product Types 

Clean Air (Portable Set)

It acts as a protective shield around the person

Covers a volume of  1 cubic meter

 60-days of protection

Use For personal and mobile 

 Who can use Clean Air portable : Students, children, pregnant , elderly, doctors, nurses, patients, travelers, barbers, drivers, anyone who wants to reduce the airborne infection risk .


Clean Air (Room Set)

It acts as a shield in the place where it is placed 

Covers an area of ​​12 square meter

( Volume of 36 cubic meter ) 

90-days of protection 

Use for rooms and indoor places 

Places of Use: Home & Facilities, Schools, Nurseries, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Customer Services, Barber Shops and other indoor places.



The Active Substance and mechanism of action 

Chlorine Dioxide ( ClO2 ) is an active substance used in several uses for sterilization, including air sterilization, a substance approved globally for use at specific concentrations and safe ratios that the concentration Exposure should not exceed 0.1 ppm.

The concentration used in the Clean Air product is 0.01 ppm 10 times lower than the globally approved concentration.

 Mechanism of action of chlorine dioxide (chlorine dioxide):

 Viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens are made of protein.

Chlorine dioxide easily oxidizes and decomposes amino acid molecules by changing the structure of germ molecules to inactivate and eliminate them, thereby disinfecting and sterilizing air from germs .

What is the chlorine dioxide generator ( nanoclo2 )  and how dose it work ?

 SetThe nanoclo2 generator is a perforated envelope that is difficult to tear and is stored in a sealed aluminium foil pack . inside the generator there is a mixture of Sodium Chlorite & zeolite . when the generator pack is opened , the air permeates the holes on the generator, where the reaction begins to produce Chlorine dioxide which diffuse in the air surrounding the place where it was placed . 

Clean Air- Portable Set ( nanoclo2 Generator) : Effective from the date of opening the generator pack and remain in effect for 60 days.

Clean Air- Room Set ( nanoclo2 Generator ) : Effective from the date of opening the generator pack and remain effective for 90 days.

Proven sufficient effectiveness & safety!

99% of Germs that float in Air can be eliminated by hanging the Clean Air – Portable product or by placing the clean air product inside a room ,Which the Chlorine Dioxide ( CLO2 ) will Diffuse in the air around the person or in the place used and sanitize the Air  !  

Four reasons why Clean Air is chosen!

Excellent safety and sustainability

We have manufacturing know-how on top of domestic chlorine dioxide preparations. Performance that is compatible with safety and effectiveness is the industry’s top class.

Convenience & Design

Considering the use according to the user ‘s taste and use, such as neck – and – pocket attachment with a simple design and different colors white and black


Our wish is to be used by many people who need infection prevention. For that reason, we are committed to a reasonable price

Made In Japan

Technologies and parts related to core quality such as safety, effectiveness, sustainability are all made in Japan

What doctors says about nanoclo2 generator ?

Doctor of pediatrics at N University Hospital, Nagoya City, Aichi prefecture

“In the hospital, various viruses and bacteria are floating all year round, Especially in the winter, influenza and norovirus are also prevalent in the hospital and the staff may be infected and resting , We started using it three years ago, Since then the staff did not get infected in the hospital and the staff did not take a break, so I am very saved.”

Minato-ku, Tokyo A clinic physician

“Everyone other than me who was on the spot a few days ago when there was a gathering a few years ago had been infected with influenza. Only I who happened to be wearing Nanoclo2 did not infect, so I realized this surely thanks to nanoclo2. I examine influenza patients in the hospitals, so I purchase Nanoclo2 every year during influenza season. ”

Department of Internal Medicine, Memorial Hospital, Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture

“At first I did not think that it was really effective but I tried it because it was advised. Since the infected person was zero at the internal department staff of that year, I also tried the second year. Then, since there were no infected people in the hospital in the second year, it realized that this is effective. Nobody from the internal department was infected and I realized that this is effective. This year is the third year and I’m really relieved that nobody from the staff is infected. ”

Director of N Dental Clinic, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture

“Because it examines directly in the mouth, it is more easily infected than usual hospital, so I am careful. Because the mobile type gets in the way during treatment, I used the placement type for 2 years, but I did not mind even if influenza and norovirus are prevalent. As a doctor, you can concentrate on examination with confidence by just having such a sterilizing product.”

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